I'm a new Graduate Nursing student with an assignment about "Biblical or Christian Principles in Advanced Nursing Practice." I'm having some trouble; how do I get started?


Great question, and thanks for reaching out! I'd be happy to help!  This is a more challenging assignment for many students, so I'm going to share some tips for some general searching on this topic:

Before starting: if you don't have your own method established for keeping research notes, try our handy worksheet! I will be using it as an example below.

Brainstorming Your Topic:

Before embarking on your research, try setting up the above worksheet, a piece of notebook paper, or even a Word document to keep track of the topic you're working on.

  • Write your focus at the top of your paper. Remember that databases are very literal; you will need to break your topic into the main key terms that you need to research.
  • Then, imagine other terms you could substitute for those initial words you just wrote down in the event that your first ideas are not yielding the expected results.
  • Remember that research is a process and is more of a cycle - you will perform a search, analyze what you found, and then search again based on what worked and what didn't. Let's look more closely at your project using the topic for this assignment - I am inserting a screen snip of a portion of the research strategy worksheet. Feel free to add or alter words based on your own experience or discoveries:

Screen capture of a research strategy worksheet

  • Additional consideration- if you want to focus more on ethics as a whole, you may want to change some of the search terms in the first column to terms such as morals, morality, beliefs, ethics, etc.


Time to Research! Getting Started:

  • Go to the library homepage (https://library.arbor.edu)
  • Click on Find in the upper menu bar, then click Articles.
  • You're given several options. To get started, go to the Databases by Subject area and choose Nursing.
  • You'll be presented with a selection of database options. Begin by selecting Nursing and Allied Health Premium. Note: You will need to click on Advanced Search to see multiple boxes and limiters at one time.
  • Now it's time to search! Make sure to checkmark the Peer Reviewed box, and narrow the search years down to the last 5 years. Try combining a word or phrase from the first column with a word or phrase from the second column of the worksheet. You will start with a keyword search, but as you begin finding items that are most like what you are looking for, take a peek at the subject line of the article subject lines and try changing your search dropdown from keyword to subject to narrow in even more.

Example Results in Nursing and Allied Health Premium:

Search setup for NUR060 assignment

  • I typed advanced practice nurs* in the first box; in the second, I typed spiritual care. [NOTE: I used an advanced searching tool, namely the *. If you have questions about that or other advanced searching techniques, just let me know).
  • Be sure to scroll down and change your limiters to reflect the last five years as well as peer-reviewed articles.

My results from this example: http://arbor.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://www.proquest.com/search/2071932?accountid=13998

Don't like the results you received? Try switching up one or more terms! If we opt to change the search terms in any way, that will alter the results. Don't let that discourage you- research is a process, but it can be a fun treasure hunt to see what the databases can teach you about a particular subject.

Specific Journal:

A specific resource that may be helpful to you is the Journal of Christian Nursing. You can get to it by following these steps:

  • Go to our homepage (https://library.arbor.edu/)
  • Click on Find Journal Titles;  be sure to click on Hello Guest at the top and sign in with your MySAU credentials.
  • Next, type in Journal of Christian Nursing in the blank; click Search.
  • When you get the result back for that, click on the Ovid database link below it to get to that specific title.
  1. Since this publication is about Christianity and Nursing, you can keep your searches fairly basic: try ethics, for example.

Trust this helps. Please reach out if we can further assist.

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